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The Civillains

2013-06-03 | Gutterfest '13

We are scheduled to play Gutterfest '13 in Stockholm together with The Filaments (UK), Hooligan (IRL), Epic Problem (UK), Smalltown (SE) and Zero Zero (SE) on June 15:th!

Tickets available from Tickster.com now, so don't sleep behind the wheel, this is something you don't wanna miss! Check out the Gutterfest website for more details.

See you soon!

2013-01-19 | New shows

We have two showes booked for 2013 thus far; Stockholm on Feburary 9:th and Falun June 1:st. More plans are in the making!

There's also some new merch coming your way so make sure you follow us on Facebook for mor information on how to place your order.

2012-03-28 | Record release show for 'The Final Hour', May 11:th

We are playing at Skål friday, May 11:th. We will hit the stage sometime between 8 and 9 pm.

Almost a year has passed since last time we played a show so I guess it's about time. Alltough I must admit we've been pretty busy. Anyways; the album "The Final Hour" is finished and up for grabs over at http://sniperhillrecords.bigcartel.com/ and we wanna celebrate this landmark with you! So come friday, may 11:th this is what's going down!

See you there!

For more details, check out the Facebook event here

2011-12-02 | New song streaming over at Soundcloud

The brand spanking new track entitled "Damage Control" is streaming over at Soundcloud so make sure to check it out and spread the word!

2011-02-26 | Studio update

Just a quick update about whats happening; we have recorded the music for the upcoming record, out later this year on Sniperhill Records and 2 weeks from now we once again return to start tracking lead vocals and back-ups.

Meanwhile, we are working on some new merch for next (and first) show for 2011. Add us on Facebook for the latest about that stuff.

2011-01-13 | 2011 Update, New album, studio time and Social Distortion

Long time no updates, but hey! We're still around! Spent the end of 2010 writing new stuff for our debut full length, hoping that it will hit the streets sometime this spring. Starting January 29:th we will once again return to Garage Land to put the new stuff on tape.

Apart from that we are (as allways) looking for shows. Talking to some of our friends, trying get some dates booked together.

Thanks alot to everyone who came to our shows in '10, bought, streamed, talked about and liked our 7". If you want to buy one. Just send us an email and we'll arrange something!

We'll report back from the studio later this month so check in soon!

Also, I just had a listen to the new Social Distortion album, should be out soon, sounds like yet another one down by those guys! Spot on as usual!

That's it for now! Til' next time!

The Civillains

2010-10-21 | Spotify

We're on Spotify!

2010-10-11 | iTunes

For those of you who infact don't have a turntable, the EP is now up for downloads on iTunes and Amazon. Thanks for your support!

/ Danny & The Civillains

2010-08-26 | Riot Control

Come support us and Saturday's Heroes on September 3:rd, when we hit the stage as two of Stockholms finest punk clubs clash for one night.

The Heroes just released their debute album on Bandworm Records and those boys allways deliver 100%. Don't miss this one, it will be a killer!

/ Danny

2010-04-28 | Debut 7" out now!

Get your copy now! Record can be bought through us at shows or by dropping us a line by email, facebook or Myspace. You can also pay a visit to Thisway/Freak Scene, Sankt Eriksgatan, Stockholm and pick up your copy!

See you on the next show!

/ Danny


April 24:th we will celebrate the release of our self titled, debut 4 track, 7" EP together with our friends in Rogues Utd! The show will take place at Club Control, Kammakargatan, Stockholm! Hope to see you all there!

Two of the songs from the upcoming release are streaming on Myspace so make sure to check that out aswell!


/ The Civillains

2009-12-22 | At the finish line

Right now we are waiting for the final mixes and masters of the 4 songs we have decided to put on wax and as soon as they land in our hands it's off for printing. The result will be a 7" limited to 500 copys. Released later this spring (hopefully 2 months from now or so). Keep your eyes open for the record release party and in the mean time. Don't miss our show at Kafé 44 next Tuesday (March 2:dn).

A small sample from the new song 'Sewer Rats' is available on our Myspace page so make sure to check that out as well!

Til' next time!

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